The best way to manage your stress is to learn healthy coping strategies. You can start practicing these tips right away. Try one or two until you find a few that work for you. Practice these techniques until they become habits you turn to when you feel stress. You can also use this coping strategies form to see how you respond to stress.

Stress-relief techniques focus on relaxing your mind and your body.

  1. Learn Yoga poses together!
  2.  Guided Meditation
    1.  (9 minutes but a good one, was an option on the last lesson)
    2. (3 1⁄2 minutes)
  3.  Take a walk
    1. Take a walk with your advisory. Notice the displays, the bulletin boards, the murals.
  4. Dance Party!
    1. Turn on Pandora or Spotify and get your groove on!
  5.  Express gratitude
    1. Create a collective poster or wall of “I’m the most grateful for…”
    2. Write a list of things, people, or experiences you are happy about or grateful for. If possible keep it somewhere that your advisory can go back to or can keep adding to!
  6. Watch a feel­good story:
    1. Steve Hartman (CBS) has some amazing stories from around the country. Here are links to some of his best: 
    3. Ellen Degeneres show on youtube would also have some amazing stories
  7. Crafts:
    1.  If you want to lead your students in a craft project/provide your students craft supplies, go for it! (coloring is supposed to be a great stress reducer!)