Ryan’s Story

* Ryan Shown here with Patriot Player Micheal Bennett (at Men of Boston Cook for Woman’s Health, ) as a Youth Ambassador for Blank Cape Project

Ryan is a 14 year old Hero who transformed his story by helping a friend tap into their inner hero self. 

Ryan’s friend was experiencing emotional distress one day at school. Ryan remembered the relaxation technique he was taught during a Breathing workshop conducted by Blank Cape Project. 

Syncing with the breath allowed Ryan’s classmate to be able to deescalate and find peace in a moment of pain. 

What a wonderful example of how quickly self-regulation tools can help transform distress into empowerment!

Note: Client / participant names have been changed to protect their privacy.

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  1. Those breathing techniques are lifesavers. I use them daily with kids. Thanks Blank Cape Project for the awesome reminder and what a great friend Ryan is in helping out his friend.

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