Journey Programs

Journey men / Her O Journey 1-3 day workshop 6-8 weeks Intensive

Youth are supported as they embark on an intensive inner Journey where they learn how to identify and overcome self-defeating behaviors. Here they master self-motivation and realize unlocked potential as they become the Heroes of their own life stories .

Citizen Youth Programs

Citizen You(th) – 8-10 week Path of Life – 6-12 week

Focuses on delinquency prevention and builds to provide and help to restore opinions of the Criminal and Social Justice Systems that the youth has become a part of. Journey Program concepts are incorporated around the theme of accountability and transformation. Engaging youth to identifying as empowered, not disenfranchised by the various titles and stigmas that may be presented based on criminal Justice, DJJ or other law enforcement involvement.

Summer Workshops/ Retreats

Youth are submerged into a natural environment designed to Improve resiliency, heighten self regulation skills, increase stress management
concentration and focus.