Press Release

Blank Cape Project Launches It’s Very First Program to the Public Since COVID- 19 

New at-risk youth non-profit launches its first of many programs to the public

Naples, FL: Today, Blank Cape Project, a non-profit organization whose end goal is to change the negative core beliefs internalized in childhood, announced its launch of its first program, KarmaYoga Corp, to the public. The pioneer program will help educate those working with at-risk youth burnout and self-care practices. Danielle Paez, Blank Cape Project  founder, worked in many progressive community programs in her hometown of Boston MA, Naples and in Memphis, TN, all the while gaining significant access to the dire needs of each community. The creation of Blank Cape Projects’ programs serve to fill the emotional gaps left by providers so that employees and those working with at-risk youth are both empowered and re-energized to continue the work they do.  

To launch this evolutionary program, the executive leadership team had to remodel programs to allow for remote learning that was still Trauma Sensitive and upheld the overall Mission to provide tools of self-discovery to youth and those working with youth that re-awaken their innate Hero-Self. 

Jonathan Castillo, Board Preseident remarks, “Ironically, there isn’t enough focus on self-care in the Work Place especially for our community based workers. We want to start bringing these programs into work environments and teaching people how to care for themselves before they care for others; Karma Yoga Core does exactly that. “We are a Corp of dedicated staff, interns, volunteers, and community partners committed to transforming Trauma Stories into Hero Journeys.”

About Blank Cape Project: Blank Cape Project is an 5013(c) organization dedicated to helping those who work with underserved youth populations and at-risk youth to re-awaken their innate Hero-self. Based out of Naples, FL and currently have programs in Collier County, Lee County, Hillsborough, Pinellas, Shelby County ,Tennessee, and all Massachusetts counties. With plans to expand into Puerto Rico over the next year. BCP has worked with hundreds of at-risk youth and dozens of providers across the US.