We are creating safe spaces for youth affected by trauma. Using self-healing arts, we are helping transform the Trauma Narrative. Participants gain powerful self regulation tools to help establish positive habits such as greater personal awareness, stress-reduction, anger management, and self-realization.

We teach youth and those working with youth mindfulness, breath work, Yoga, dance, meditation and our hero Journey curriculum. We encourage participants to be accountable for the next chapters that they create in transforming their story.

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Thousands of children are vulnerable to violence, repeating unhealthy cycles before their brains are even fully developed.

The goal of the Blank Cape Programs is to allow youth and those working with youth new opportunities to learn productive and self-directed tools that reprogram the various destructive webs of poor self-esteem, abuse, violence, truancy, substance abuse, and criminal justice involvement. WE CAN’T DO IT ALONE!

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Blank Cape Project has developed an innovative gender and age sensitive intervention that combines mindfulness movement and a 12 step Journey Curriculum. We partner with mental health professionals and community partners to ensure integrative health issues are addressed and supplemented as necessary.

The goals are to:
• Identify the areas that are inhibiting necessary growth.
• Build heightened self-awareness habits.
• Develop new mechanisms and tools for managing stressors.
• Strengthen coping mechanisms.
• Understanding the systems that they are a part of as Young Citizens.
• Empower Youth through mindful accountability.
• Develop mindfulness based techniques as personal development tools.